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READ THIS IT'S IMPORTANT! Instructions in document.
Please send background screenshot for thumbnail, and text if purchased.
Comes with 1 render.

Optional Additions :
Per additional Mob : $0.50
(Hostile Mobs : Skeleton, Witch, Enderman, Zombie, Blaze, Cave Spider, Creeper, Ghast, Lava Cube, Zombie Pigman, Slime, Spider, Wither Skeleton, Zombie Villager
(Passive Mobs : Bat, Chicken, Cow, Donkey, Horse, Iron Golem, Mooshroom, Ocelot, Pig, Sheep, Snowman, Squid, Villager, Wolf, Bunny, Bee, Snail

Per additional Person : $0.75

Per additional accessory : $0.25
(Accessories : Santa Hat, Crown, Bow Tie, Necktie, Tie, Deal with it Glasses, (Color Adjustable) Bunny Ears, (Color Adjustable) Pixel Cat Ears, (White & Pink) Smooth Cat Ears
Per additional backpack (Color Adjustable) : $0.50

Per additional food item : $0.25
(Food : Potion, Bread, Apple, Burger, Chicken Leg, Cookies, Cake, 7UP, Cola, Grape Fanta, Monster Can, Pepsi, Sprite

Per additional block/oreblock : $0.05
(Blocks : Almost Every vanilla block & ore block

Per additional item/flower/ore : $0.05
(Items : Almost Every vanilla item/flower/ore

Per additional tool/sword : $0.10
(Tools/Sword : Every vanilla tool/sword
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