First 1440TIME™ Clock

First 1440TIME™ Clock

This was the first 1440TIME™ clock made by and I want to thank Marco Avila for all his time and effort bringing my creation to light! Marco and his company have made all of my 1440TIME™ clocks.

The original 1440TIME™ clock has the numbers 1440-0 declining by 120 on the inside and 12-2-4-6-8-12 on the outside repeating itself, leaving you without an exact time, unless it happens to be at the top of the hour, otherwise, you will have to guesstimate slightly but still does the trick.

The concept of using one hand and seeing it tick by the minute 1,440 times slows the clock down!! It changes the perception of how your brain measures time!

              'Imagine having your head held underwater for two minutes'! 

Albert Einstein said to help explain his theory of relativity,  "An hour sitting with a pretty girl on a park bench passes like a minute, but a minute sitting on a hot stove seems like an hour."  

If Albert was using 1440TIME™, he would have had a lot more time (60 slow minutes) with that pretty girl! Too bad he never thought of it...

And lastly, the ticking down of those 1,440 minutes is a value-added benefit! It makes time tangible, precious, and not just a number on a round circle telling you what time it is!

Slow down, have more time and enjoy the ride...

This 1440TIME™ download is great for your website, computer, and many smartphones. I do not guarantee the smartphones, but I have used it on my Samsungs over the years and it has worked for people with an iPhone. Any problems let me know.
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