MGT 496 Week 5 Discussion 2

Although I do not work in a warehouse environment there are two ideals that are utilized in my organization. One ideal is having team players. There are several teams within the academy that do their part to ensure that students have a smooth experience and get the most out of their time at school. The operations section handles the student’s administrative needs with paper work and scheduling. The information technology team ensures that the computers are loaded with the most current updates and the supply section ensures they have the training materials to support the mission. Another ideal that we use is Operations Planning. In the text it states “Operations planning: Systems and procedures will be put into effect that allow the warehouse manager to proactively plan the operations as opposed to reactively responding to external circumstances” (Emmett, 2005, p 286).  Even though we have standing operating procedures (S.O.P) in place for or processes for the students, they are routinely reassessed and updated when new information and updates to policy come down.       

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