Killer Boomers 808 Kick Pack


185 x 32 bit .wav files
185 x 24 bit .aif files
7 x sampler instruments


Ableton Live, Kontakt, EXS24

A sample pack containing 185 high quality files of seven different kicks, multisampled and covering bass notes down from C2. There are at least two octaves worth of samples for seven different styles of kick, all inspired by the classic Roland TR-808 boom. These samples have been meticulously synthesized and processed, and are recorded with plenty of headroom so you can gel them in whatever mix you would like to put them in. Each different kick features different tail lengths, harmonics and dynamic behavior so you can pick just the right kick for your track. There are also seven sampler instruments premapped for Live, Kontakt, and Logic users out there, for easy plug and play usage.

Why not just get an 808 sample and pitch it, you ask?
Depending on the quality of the sample, pitching an 808 sample can sound pretty terrible. Some samples you would find are low bitrate, and do not transpose well, some have tape distortion or some other analog effect applied and when pitched sound off. Sometimes, you just want a short tail, and pitching samples up results in an unuseably short kick; while pitching them down results in distortion and a longer tail that you desire. This pack contains one sample for EVERY note at least two octaves below C2, so sample stretching is no longer necessary.
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