BIS 221 Week 1 Computer Purchase Paper

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BIS 221 Week 1 Computer Purchase Paper
Create a Microsoft® Word document saved under the following format: Lastname_Course#_W1.doc
Research processes for decision-making when purchasing new computers. Use an Internet search engine.
Hint: Use search words "Decision-making process for computer purchase," "Consumer buying decision process," or similar words.
Research various decision-making process options and the advantages and disadvantages of each.  
Select a decision-making process, or design your own process using your research as a guide.
Develop a 1,050-word summary describing your chosen process to decide between multiple computer purchase options.
Consider the order of your decision process steps, who is involved in each step, and the contribution of each step toward a quality decision. In the summary include the following:

  • A table listing each decision process you considered

    • Add to the table the URL/Internet address for each decision process you considered.

  • A bulleted list of the steps in your chosen decision making process

    • Bold, underline, and add italics to the name of your chosen decision process.

    • Highlight the name of your chosen decision process.

Compose a one paragraph recommendation of your chosen computer purchase decision process for the work environment based on your research. This is in addition to the summary.
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