Ch3_ Ex7Data.txt

1. Three employees in a company are up special pay increase. You are given a file, say Ch3_ Ex7Data.txt, with the following data: Miller Andrew 65789.87 5 Green Sheila 75892.56 6 Sethi Amit 74900.50 6.1 Each input line consists of an employee’s last
name, first name, current salary, and percent pay increase. , in the first input line, the last name of the employee is Miller, the first name is Andrew current salary is 65789.87, and the pay increase is 5%. Write a program that reads data from the specified file and stores the output in the file Ch3_ Ex7Output.dat. employee, the data must be output in the following form: firstName lastName updatedSalary. Format the output of decimal numbers to two decimal places. 2.Write a C++ program that inputs a letter and outputs the corresponding International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) alphabet word (these are the words that pilots use when they need to spell something out over a noisy radio channel). Do not use case statements. The alphabet is as follows: A Alpha B Bravo C Charlie D Delta E Echo F Foxtrot G Golf H Hotel I India J Juliet K Kilo L Lima M Mike N November O Oscar P Papa Q Quebec R Romeo S Sierra T Tango U Uniform V Victor W Whiskey X X-Ray Y Yankee Z Zulu Be sure to use proper formatting and appropriate comments in your code. Provide appropriate prompts to the user. The output should be labeled clearly and formatted neatly. .
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