An improvised book-test made with a borrowed newspaper.

This classic effect is based on one of the principles explained in “Newspaper'Z” e-book, and made practical and direct.
It is basically an impromptu book-test (improvised), done with any newspaper (or magazine).
The method seems to be original. There are dozens of newspaper tests or predictions, but this one is different, improvised, and will be remembered as hands-off:- There are no newspaper tears or cuts, no center tear, no peek, no counting, no secret writing,no sleights, no weird procedure, etc.
- All you need is a normal borrowed newspaper. No gimmicks, no other props, cards, swami, pens, etc. Nothing else, except and the secret.
You can really focus on your patter and presentation skills.
It is NOT a prediction, but a divination, not only of a word, but of an entire page (its general  appearance, main titles, photos, even some details, etc.

Of course, it can be done also with a newspaper you have already read.


A spectator selects any page from any newspaper (It can be their own one), and selects another page. Even though you look away when this is done, and even though you will NOT touch the newspaper after his choice, you immediately start describing this page.
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