BlazeWare - The Psionic Core

This is the evolution of the ever popular “Radionic Booster Extreme” and can therefore be used in the same manner (with or without the servitor).
A complete ovehaul with massive improvement over its predecessor.

Enhance your hypnosis tracks.
Boost any and all radionics devices.
Turn an old computer into a Radionic machine.
Boost the efficiency of your radionics software.
Give any Sigil a kick in the pants.
Use audio spells without the need for an external chi-gen
The uses of this device is only limited by your imagination

Another perfect tool for anyone without a chi-gen.

The Psionic Core has 2 parts, a booster and the servitor.

The Psionic comes with a short manual giving various methods to use them along with illustrations.

All my products are tested by practitioners whose opinions I value.

All my products contains energetic programing that protects it from unauthorized use.

Update: After receiving a request for one, The Psionic Core now comes with it's own caster.

Discounts for previous customers, based on products owned. Discount is determined by the highest grade sigil or device you own.

Radionic Booster Extreme/ King Midas Wealth Creation Sigil =40% off
RBE Caster Advanced/ Brainwave Aplifier =28% off
Any of the Casters, RBE Caster/ Astro Casters =18% off

Contact me for the discount code and supply a order number or the payment email address you used.
Thank you.

NB! This will be the last product I make of this nature, basically no more boosters, casters etc.
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