PHI 105 Week 1 Open-Book Philosophy Quiz

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PHI 105 Week 1 Open-Book Philosophy

Complete the
Open-Book Philosophy Quiz.

Submit your
Quiz as a Microsoft® Word® document to the Assignments tab.


Open-Book Philosophy Quiz


After reading this week’s
required readings, take this open-book philosophy quiz. Answer the following
questions in paragraph form in 50 to 100 words each. This is a
short-answer worksheet, not an essay composition.


What is philosophy? Include a
brief description of the different branches of philosophy

What is an argument?

Identify which of the following
statements are arguments and which are not. 
Explain your answer.   

a. God exists.

b. I grew up in a religious family,
therefore I believe God exists.

c. God exists, because something must have
created the universe.

Identify and define at least
two fallacies. Give an example from your personal experience (what you have
heard, read, or said) for each fallacy.

Why do we attempt to avoid
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