AED222 Assignment Due Sunday

Identify how each of the five core principles of NCLB 2001-Strong Accountability, expanded flexibility-methods based on scientific research, expanded option for parents, and highly qualified teachers. We the educator we must be held accountable for our action. We must have adequate yearly progress which all students and school must meet their standards. When we do progress on students this let their parents know what and how the student/children’s are doing. These standards are set and measured annually by each state to foster the growth and achievement. (White, 2011) I was doing my research and reading so many articles to this matter. I have found that there were so many issues on this NCLB and what the different Presidents/ President Obama are doing for NCLB. One thing that I have found to be very interesting in this matter is that some of the opponents of NCLB find that federal government has no constitutional authority in the education arena. Maybe this is true maybe they should leave this matter up to the school leader in each state
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