Re-Use Your CAD: The Model-Based CAD Handbook - Edition 1 - KINDLE (mobi) Version

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Learn how to create, deliver, and re-use CAD models in compliance with model-based standards. Provides CAD format agnostic techniques for compliance with ASME Y14.41 and MIL-STD-31000A Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Technical Data Packages (TDP). Provides 3D model protocols that enable Model-Based Engineering and Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) that will save time, reduce risk, and improve products. Educates CAD designers, checkers, administrators, super-users, and their managers on how to create 3D models that are used downstream for direct manufacture, technical publications, and customer deliverables. Using CAD best practices and modeling rules from relevant MBD and MBE standards, this straightforward handbook will move your organization forward into using, re-using, and reaping the benefits of CAD.
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