Kat's Bleach at Carmen's Salon - VOD video download

A brunette, just past the shoulder-length haired Kat stops by Carmen's Salon in Columbia Heights for a bleaching and an extreme bob haircut to look fashionable for spring. Caped in a pink nylon cape with a sheer plastic cape on stop, Kat discusses what she wants, and even shows the stylist photos in a hair magazine of what she wants. After Kat's hair is sectioned off, the stylist wraps a towel around Kat's shoulders, puts a latex glove on her left hand, and covers Kat's hair in bleach, using a tint brush. Once the hair is saturated with bleach, Carmen uses a non-tangle, wide-tooth comb to provide relief on Kat's itching scalp and to make sure that the bleach is spread evenly to the hair. (Most of the long processing times are included in the video.) After awhile, Carmen notices a cold shaft on Kat's head, so she wets a plastic cap, ties it over Kat's hair, and sticks Kat under the vintage Bonat chair hair dryer to finish processing. After about fifteen minutes, Kat reclines her head into the shampoo bowl to be rinsed. When Kat leaves that salon chair, we see her in the front salon chair wearing a sheer blue cape, with Carmen adding bleach to Kat's hair again. The plastic cap is put on Kat's head, the cape is removed, and Kat relaxes with a magazine under the dryer. After baking under the dryer for long time, Kat is lead to the shampoo bowl for a rinse, where Carmen drapes the white sheer plastic cape back over Kat.

Carmen tousles Kat's hair first with a towel and then with the blow dryer. A third application of bleach is applied to Kat's hair, followed by another shampoo, conditioner, and rinse. The cape is then removed and a comb-out cape laid over Kat's shoulders. Carmen combs out Kat's hair before having her go under a different hair dryer for a bit of time. Afterwords, Kat shows off her new hairstyle.

Because the bleaching process takes a very long time, the entire hair cutting of the bob has been edited out. There is some screen video, to try to capture as much as possible.

This video is approx. 3 hours, screen size 720x480, .wmv
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