Kitchen Exhaust Calculation

The software is designed to be user friendly and flexible with built-in guides and explanations. The built-in hood configurations for ease of calculations are:

  • island hood.

  • 1-sided wall-mounted.

  • 2-sided wall-mounted.

  • 3-sided wall-mounted.

Every country has its own local code of practice to calculate the required exhaust airflow rate. The exhaust flowrate calculation presented in the Kitchen Exhaust calculation is based on Singapore Standard 553 (formerly CP13) which uses the Face Velocity Method. CIBSE and Australian Standard AS 1668.2 use the similar concept, but not exactly the same.


  • calculate kitchen exhaust airflow rate for various built-in hood configurations in accordance to Singapore Standard SS 553 (formerly CP13).

  • filter sizer(c) louvre sizer.

  • built-in data & guides(e) "save-to-file" function for printing.

  • independent program (no setup is required) for Windows PC(g) in SI and IP units.

for details and worked example, see
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