Gratitude and Thanksgiving

The 39 slides (PDF & pptx) that you get with this package, along with the instructional video, are designed to help build a positive classroom climate centered on gratitude and growth mindset. Just as importantly these prompts springboard nicely into supporting a variety of social emotional and common core standards.

This video package is intended for educators who are looking for:

* Fun and meaningful icebreaker activities
* Inspiring writing and or discussion prompts
* Increased social emotional learning opportunities
* Activity ideas for morning meetings, circle time, advisory periods
* More pre-emptive classroom management strategies
* Quotes and Questions for staff meetings to support a deeper sense of community.

Supporting documents include PDF and Powerpoint (editable) files. 39 pages of contents, including 37 prompts grouped in to 6 categories including:

- What is Gratitude
- Why Gratitude
- Gratitude Quotes
- Gratitude Questions
- Gratitude Practices

Prompts are designed for high school and high functioning middle schoolers.

Thanks, Dr. J
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