343 : Fiat 500 nightmare - cold engine to start !! - Starring Miss Amy

It's a cold and rainy day, Miss Amy has to go to an important meeting but the only car she has available today is the old Fiat 500 of her grandpa.
She puts the key in and the engine doesn't start! It's not the best morning to deal with those problems and she is getting very nervous about it.

She doesn't know how to handle such old cars with such a strange starter, and she does her best to be gentle to the car, but the rusty Fiat 500  seems impermeable to this cuteness. There is no one around willing to help her, so she can only try again and again to see if she can make it!

Her shoes are not comfortable to pump such a small gas pedal, and her pantyhose are laddered and her toes hurts .... the only way to start the car seems to be barefoot!

After millions of attempts she finally gets it started, and she revs it very hard, to show to the car who is the boss! And finally ... she's ready to go !!
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