MTH 214 Week 4 Quiz

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MTH 214 Week 4 Quiz
Please complete the week 4 quiz.
MTH214 - Week 4 Quiz

1.     Convert 400 yards into inches.

2.     A rectangular piece of land is 1300 yds × 1500 yds.  What is the area in acres?

3.     A rectangular field is 64 meters × 25 meters.  You want to fence in a square field that has the same area as the rectangular field.  How long are the sides of the square field?

4.     Quadrilateral MATH has been dissected into squares.  The area of the red square is 64 square units and the area of the blue square is 81 square units.  Determine the dimensions and the area of quadrilateral MATH. 

5.     Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the value of x in the diagram.  The length of the side provided is "s".


6.     If the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 30 cm long and one leg is twice as long as the other, how long are the legs of the triangle?

7.     A 15 feet ladder is leaning against a wall.  The base of the ladder is 3 feet from the wall.  How high above the ground is the top of the ladder?

8.     Use the following figure to prove the Pythagorean Theorem by first proving that the quadrilateral with side c is a square. Then, compute the area of the square with side a + b in two ways: (a) as (a + b)2 and (b) as the sum of the areas of the four triangles and the square with side c. 

9.     Assume the radius of Earth is 6,370 km and Earth is a sphere.  What is its surface area?

10.  If each edge of a cube is increased by 30%, by what percent does the volume increase?
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