30s Edit


Purchasing a 30 second edit.
Downloading will give you a notepad file with a code, my Discord, my skype, and my twitter.
Message me via any of these services with the code as well as the following:
- Minecraft clips (MUST be 720P, 60FPS or higher!)
- Intro/outro
Username: (e.g: Mettox)
Intro? - YES OR NO (e.g: Mettox presents.. - Love!)
Paypal name: (e.g: Mettox)
Paypal email: (e.g: [email protected]
Edit type: (e.g: SkyWars, Factions, PotPvP)
Song: (e.g: Love [TRAP REMIX])
Black Bars? - YES OR NO (e.g: bars on top and bottom, more cinematic)
The clips: - Send via email or another source.
Style: - Include detail. (e.g: Black and white, velocity & twixtor.)
-- LEAVE A LINK TO A VIDEO SIMILAR TO THE STYLE YOU WANT-- Extra: (e.g: any other detail that wasn't included above ^--^)

Time can vary depending on the edit & when you purchase it.
MAXIMUM WAIT TIME: 45 DAYS (Or your money back!)
Try to lie or make up something?

- I see if you actually donated
- I block you
- Not able to purchase anything for a year
Any other questions? Email me at [email protected]

Thank you, have a wonderful week!
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