Chapter - Expert Answers

Chapter - Expert Answers

1) Source code files (i.e., .html, .js, .css, .fla, .aspx, etc.)

2) Compiled code for Flash (.swf)

3) Either a Word document (.doc or .docx) with screenshots of a web browser showing your working code (one document for the entire assignment)


Chapter 13:

Exercise 13.1 (p. 598) Use MySQL to create a database of information about used trucks for sale, similar to the cars database used in this chapter. Make up equipment that characterizes trucks. Get the raw data from the ad section of your local newspaper. Instead of using the states in the cars database, divide your town into four sections and use them.

Town = Wellington, FL

Sections= Sugar Pond Manor, GreenviewShores, Lakes, Grand Isles

Exercise 13.2 (p. 598) * Modify and test the program access_cars.php to handle UPDATE and INSERT SQL commands, as well as SELECT.

Chapter 14:

Exercise 14.2 (p. 646) Modify the application of Exercise 14.1 to use a second activity for the arithmetic and result display processes.

(Exercise 14.1) Build an application that invites the user to enter an integer number into each of two EditText boxes. The application must have four buttons, one for each of the arithmetic operators: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. When clicked, these buttons cause the application to perform the operation on the input numbers and display the result. The application must test the second integer for zero when the chosen operation is division. If it is division and the second operand is zero, an error message must be displayed. The application must have just one activity.

Error Message= “ Error, Does Not Compute”

Exercise 14.3 (p. 646) * Modify the groceryList application to add an operation for deleting a list item, given its text content in an EditText box from the user. An error message must be produced if the given text is not in the list.

Chapter 15:

Exercise 15.3 (p. 689) Write, test, debug (if necessary) a Ruby program with the following specification: Input: Three names on separate lines, from the keyboard. Output: The inout names in alphabetical order. Do not use arrays.

(Three names are: ***** *****, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne)

Exercise 15.6 (p. 689) * Write, test, debug (if necessary) a Ruby program with the following specification: Input: A list of numbers from the keyboard. Output: The median of the input numbers.

(List of numbers: 26, 33, 9, 12, 4, 16, 39)

Chapter 16: Exercise 16.4 (p. 720) Build a Rails application that accepts two integer values, produces the product of the two values, and returns the product to the client.

Exercise 16.5 (p. 720) Build a Rails application that constructs a database with a single table listing well-known players from some specific team sport with which you or someone you know is familiar. The table must have columns for name, age and team for which the person plays. The application must accept user requests for players of a specific team and age range and return a list of such people from the database.


Name Age Team

Green, Alex 26 NY Jets

Ivory, Chris 26 NY Jets

*****, ***** 28 NY Jets

*****, ***** 25 Giants

Harvey, Travis 24 Giants

Holliday, Trindon 28 Giants

Garvin, Terence 23 Steelers

Jones, Howard 24 Steelers

McLendon, Steve 28 Steelers
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