With this flexible system or combination of principles, you will be able to create your own effects like this one: Example of effect: « Do you think you are influenceable? » « I bet you are...» You show a business card with the five ESP symbols. The spectator freely points to one of them. This is the one you predicted. - The basic effect is not new, but it is that direct and quick: They announce their choice, and you conclude. - There is no « process », no force, no fumbling, etc. in between. - It uses common objects (pen, index card/paper, etc.). - Any patter or presentation can be used, you can create your own list of items. - You can play it one on one, or with an audience. - Your participant will think he was influenced, somehow. - You will be provided with a lot of bonus ideas, examples and ressources to make it work with a list of just a few items, or much more. In practice, five to ten is enough for this kind of quick experiment or bet, that will look impromptu (easy and quick setup required).
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