In 2013 the town of Steubenville in Ohio gained national attention when two of its star high school football players were found guilty of raping a classmate. In 2013 a Canadian teenager committed suicide following an alleged gang rape.

For this assignment you are going to examine the concept of rape and the social media. Select a case that has involved rape or rape allegations (can be one above or one you research) and explore that case’s facts in terms of the common law and modern day rape laws.

Consider what influence social media as we know it today can, did or should play in such cases. In the case of juvenile offenders how should these crimes be treated? Develop a specific proposal addressing how we should deal with juvenile rape cases both in terms of offenders and victims.

Your paper is to be 2 pages long use APA format and include at least two (2) outside sources that are to be properly cited and referenced


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