GEO 131 Forest Eco Management

Terrestrial ecosystem: Nitrogen is the limiting nutrient: need it for productivity

Aquatic system: Phosphorous is the limiting nutrient

-Most marine systems (salt water) are nitrogen limited. Because the ocean is very large and there is not enough nitrogen to distribute in the vast oceans

-Most freshwater systems are phosphorus limited: the more of P, more algae growth


Defined as the term: Areas of standing water on the ground

-Soils are either full of water or under water, and plants are adapted to growing in such wet environment

-Most prevalent around edges of rivers, streams, lakes or ponds

Terrestrial systems: Dry, plays a Biogeochemical role, and productivity is low to medium, imports nutrients to wetlands through processes like run off

Wetlands: Fluctuating water level, sometimes to always flooded, it can be a sink, filter, transformation (De-nitrification) Productivity is generally high, but depends can also be low.

Aquatic: permenantly flooded, lakes, oceans,)
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