Wallpaper Pack #1 // 1920 x 1200

6 files total in 1 .ZIP file

Download is Pay-What-You-Want.

If you like these wallpapers, my work or just me anything is appreciated! If you're a broke-ass college student like me, you can always download it for free and redownload it later if you wanna support me too! Or just freeload, not as noble but definitely viable lmfao.  

This is a small pack because it is my first one and I didn't spend too much time editing them to fit desktop dimensions. Just want to see how it goes!

********* Do not claim the art as your own, redistribute these files or make a profit it any way from these files. I will send DMCA's like no other if I find out you have  been doing this. 

You may still use these files/art for any reason so long as I am properly credited, no profit is being made and you are not redistributing these files en mass.  

If this goes well I will release another pack, with more pieces, and some optimized for phone backgrounds. Thank you!
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