BALD#005 "Cheerful Woman Enjoys Her Headshave"

This model came to our studio after work she brought her workmate for support. She has long silky hair and wants to shave it all off. She changed into a sleeveless camisole and took a seat in the chair while the hairstylist took a the final photos with her long hair. The hairstylist started of by cutting her hair into a bob. He then uses the clippers to cut the bob into a pixie cut. He then takes the guard off the clippers and gives the model a clipper shave and then uses a razor to complete the smooth head shave. The model enjoyed the transformation and was very happy with the result as was her workmate who watched the whole haircut

This video produced by Nahru Production

Video length: 59 min
Screen size 720x576 wide, format .mp4
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