CJA 474 Week 4 Individual Assignment Mergers Dont Always Lead to Culture Clashes Paper (1)

The cultures of Bank of America (BOA) and MBNA were incompatible because they were complete opposites. Everything about each company was different and polarizing in comparison to the other. MBNA was a flashy, arrogant, and flamboyant company that allowed their employees to live a luscious lifestyle. Their flamboyance was encouraged with high paying salaries that were well above base average and they were treated to many company privileges and perks that included yachts, private jets, and a private golf course. BOA has a culture that is completely different from that of MBNA in many ways. They are not flashy and they pride themselves on working on a low cost basis. Their atmosphere is one that is no nonsense and one that has enabled them to grow based on thrift, quality, and intelligence. The cultures that each of these organizations exhibit make them on the surface appear to be two that very much incompatible.
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