MGT 401 Week 5 Discussion 2

Last year a tractor trailer in Florida flipped on its side and spilled its contents onto the highway. The vehicle contained compressed hydrogen cylinders along with drums of other unidentified chemicals. The government has several regulations and procedures that it can rely on to try to handle the situation. One such procedure is to have a health and safety plan in place. As stated in the text “The HASP would identify the specific operations that were needed, and rules would be developed to further control the exposure” (Gantt, 2012, p 425). The HASP for the highway workers involved shutting down the road and dispatching its hazmat response team. Another procedure that will help in this situation is the use of DOT labels. All containers must have approved DOT labels identifying the contents of the cargo. This will let others know what actions to take in case of a spill. Another procedure is establishing a hot zone or exclusionary zone to keep others away from the hazardous materials. In this incident the police and the highway response team took appropriate action by clearing the road of personnel and calling in the response team. Using the manifest and DOT labels helped to identify protection measures.
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