HIS 335 Week 5 Aftermath of World War II

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 HIS 335 Week 5 Aftermath of World War II

Complete your online guide by including sections about the aftermath of World War II.

Include the following:




Define the Holocaust.


Explain when and why the United States intervened.


Explain at least three steps that are necessary to avoid another Holocaust and why these steps were not taken or available to avoid the first Holocaust.


Explain the positions of the allies as the war ended.


What was the diplomacy among each other and toward Germany?


Compare how Eastern Europe and Western Europe responded to the changed landscape – politically, socially, and economically?


Describe the aftermath of World War II on the world’s Jewish population.


Include pictures, graphs, art, media clips, or videos throughout.

Finalize all sections, including incorporating faculty feedback on earlier sections.

Cite all sources according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit the link to your website to the Assignment Files tab.
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