TBC 1-375 mining profile 1.1 (TRULY)

TBC 1-375 mining profile 1.1 (TRULY)

This is my World of Warcraft TBC 1-375 Mining profile for Alliance & Horde!

Payment is done through USD. PayPal should automatically convert the EUR to USD

What is [Truly Mining]?
Truly Mining is 1 Gatherer Profile that sequences Gathering profiles from 1 to level 375.

Quality of life



- Truly Mining will learn the next rank of Mining automatically
   Large mining paths
- This profile utilizes Large mining profiles so you won't be running around in a small circle!
   One click mining
- The mining profile will figure out your mining level, and begin the route at the designated area. (may require manual movement for Outland, see the readme)


Whether you need help setting up the bot, or need something to be fixed or added, I'm here!
I've been told by other customers that they are very thankful for my dedication of support!

Q: Will this work for Vanilla/WOTLK? 
A: Not fully tested, but it should.

How to use

1. Extract the "Mining" folder into Gatherer directory.
2. Run Gatherer and choose the "1-375" profile.
3. Done!
If you want to report bugs, have comments, or issues, please contact me via PM
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