269 : Miss Iris & Miss Ale bad bad stuck in the mud

"It's a really beautiful day for a picnic, what do you think?" Miss Iris says. Miss Ale and her are driving in the countryside to have a picnic! They are in a very terrible countryside road with their beloved Renault 5.

Miss Iris is wearing a white coat, jeans and Red high heels (Thanks C for sending these shoes!) and she will be the driver today. Miss Ale is wearing a black top, jeans and black high heels. While Miss Iris is driving, the road is turning out to be very muddy, and both girls seems very preoccupied.

After a while, as there is a gigantic muddy road ahead of them, Miss Iris decides to coast it while going off road, and drive the car slowly to not get stuck. That was a terrible idea, because they immediately got stuck! Miss Iris gets very stressed out, because it's a sunny day and, every time she wants to have a picnic, there is something wrong!

So, while Miss Iris gets out of the car to push it out, Miss Ale goes to the driver seat and rev the engine to get out from this mess! They try again and again, but nothing happens! The car is getting stuck deeper! The hopes to get out are becoming smaller...

Will they make it?
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