HCS 446 Week 1 ToolWire® MedSpace® Exploration

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HCS 446 Week 1 ToolWire® MedSpace® Exploration
Access ToolWire® MedSpace® through the link in your student materials section within the classroom.
Complete the worksheet provided. The worksheet will provide you with instructions and prompts for the following:

  • Accessing ToolWire® MedSpace®

  • Exploring ToolWire® MedSpace®

  • Sending Your Project via Email

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
Note: ToolWire® MedSpace® works best in Google Chrome. Students are encouraged to review the Instructions tab located on the home page of the MedSpace® program. The Instructions tab contains may useful video tutorials.
ToolWire® MedSpace® Exploration
Part 1: Accessing ToolWire® MedSpace®
Access ToolWire® MedSpace® using the link on your student materials section. MedSpace® works best when using the web browser Google Chrome.

Select the Click Here to Start Lab Access link. The ToolWire® MedSpace® program will load after this selection.
Part 2: Exploring ToolWire® MedSpace®
Click Design Templates in the first pop-up window.

a template provided in the pop-up window and then select Create.
· Ambulatory Care Clinic
· Clinic within a Hospital
· Family Clinic
· Outpatient Clinic
· Long Term Care Facility
· If you want to choose a blank template, then select Create New Design at the top of the pop-up window.

the program using the menus provided on the top and left-hand side.
Select the Catalog option from the menu on the left-hand side of the program.
Use the Catalog to complete the following chart.
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