164 : Miss Black Mamba cranking troubles after shopping

Miss Black Mamba has just finished her shopping trip in the mall.She bought a new pair of heels that she likes a lot, she loves them so much that she wants to wear them just after buying them!

So, with her new pair of high heels, she gets in the car and is ready to go home! She turns the key and... The odyssey starts! The car gives no signs of life!

She finds quickly the problem, it's just a loose lead on the battery. So, with a wrench in one hand, she improvises a sexy mechanic and she demonstrate you that she doesn't mind of dirtying her hands!

After that the car starts without any problem, but it's too good to be real... In fact the engine stalls just after a few very hard  revs! Plus she can't get it started again! She pumps the pedal harder and harder, trying to find a solution for this madness, but nothing happens! 

She has a cigarette and she plays with her high heels shoes, trying to calm her nerves down … and then, she tries again and again to have the Panda started until the battery is totally drained !

With a view from multiple points of view of her trying to make the car starts, with a blue short dress and heels, while being more and more pissed off, this video is a must have!
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