Casting, Painting and Finishing a Silicone Head - DISC 2 OF 2

Running time: 2 hours
This download includes the content of DISC 2 of the DVD package. It features the following lessons:

- Lesson 4: Laying up the core
- Lesson 5: Casting the head
- Lesson 6: Realistic silicone painting
- Lesson 7: Punching Hair, Eyebrows and Eyelashes
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Full description of the DVD package, please note that some of the following is part of DISC 1 and must be purchased and downloaded separately:

In this video we start where we left off in our previous DVD "Lifecasting a full head" using the fiberglass positive as a model to yield a silicone replica. We start by demonstrating how to make acrylic eyeballs from scratch. We go through the molding and casting process looking at painting techniques to achieve a life-like finish.We end up with hair punching, going through materials and techniques to punch hair, eybrows and eyelashes. Whether you're a beginner or a professional you won't want to miss this complete video guide!
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