Werewolf Base

Werewolf Base

It's that time of year so I though i'd come out with a new base, but themed!!

Its different from my normal bases and is less straight on/adopt oriented but I hope you guys will still like it!

You MAY:

  • Use for adopts/refs for real money

  • Alter/edit it and make new stuff for it

  • Use for personal use

  • Use to make gifts, BUT not if you give the .psd with it!

  • Credit to me for the base is a MUST! (and very apprieciated <3)

You may NOT:

  • Hand out the SAI/PSD file.

  • Sell the SAI/PSD file.


  • 2188x3222 file 300dpi

  • Everything shown; Lines/base colors/background

  • Background and pumpkin CAN be removed/edited!! 

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