IT 237 Week 8 Assignment - Web Site Publishing Process


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Write a 350 - to 700 word paper with a step-by-step checklist of publishing a new website through a website hosting company.
Identify a website hosting company on the Internet. This paper must be in APA format. I will post a Rubric for this paper in Week 7.

Include the hosting company‘s link.
Answer the following questions:

1. What kinds of hosting plans does the company offer? Include elements such as length, price, and features.
2. What hosting plan would you consider for your website? Why would you choose that plan?

This paper must include a clearly labeled “Abstract” and “Conclusion”

Post your paper as an attachment. Due Sunday, Day 7

Website Publishing Process
There are various stages essential prior to bringing out a fresh web site. This essay shall provide facts and figures that shall comprise of a stage-by-stage list that will summarize the procedure for putting out a fresh Website thru a Website hosting provider.
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