Linde Electric Tractor Type 1190: P30C, P50C Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Electric Tractor Type 1190.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 164 Pages
Language: English


0. Product information
   P30C and P50C Type 11 90 tractors
   Accessing truckinformation
   Can Bus Network
   Multi-function indicator, breakdown code display
   Breakdown code descriptions
   TRACTION fault codes
   Fault codes -STEERING -Main Controller
   Fault codes -STEERING -Safety Controller
1. Motor
   Traction motor
   Removing the drive motor
   Traction motor bearing
2. Drive - Transmission
   Drive unit
   Description of the drive unit
   Removal/replacement of the drive unit
   Fitting the drive unit to the chassis
   Gear reducer
   Reducer unit
   Removal / refitting reducer gearbox
3. Truck structure
   Driving platform
   Tilting the dashboard panel
   Removing the dashboard
   Changing the cylinder for the handlebar and seat
   Driving platform
   Removing the platform
   Changing a platform shock absorber
   Chassis equipment
   Tow coupling
4. Steering, braking and wheels
   Electrical steering
   Removing the handlebar support (rotary brake + handlebar)
   Control handlebar
   Removing the handlebar
   Steering centre (LORD)
   Steering geared motor
   Removal/replacement of the steering motoreducer
   Wheel position potentiometer (3B3)
   Steering motor (3M1)
   Electric steering adjustment
   Electromagnetic parking brake without hydraulic assistance
   Rolling base
   Drive wheel
   Suspended stabiliser wheel
   Load wheels
5. Control apparatus
   Tow coupling inching (option)
   Coupling inching buttons 1S10 - 1S11-1S12-1S13
   Replacing a coupling inching microswitch
6. Electrical equipment
   P30C / P50C Type 11 90
   Operation of trucks P30C and P50C Type 1190
   Electrical panel
   Manipulating the electrical plate
   Fuse access
   Traction (L.A.C. 03)
   Traction and hydraulic controller -LAC 03/ 1A1
   Functions of the "Inputs/ Outputs" of the LAC 03
   Turning on the LAC Controller- 1A1
   Replacing the L.A.C. box (1A1)
   Setting up the control module (1A1)
   Accelerator (1S21, 1S22) and potentiometer (1B1) controls
   Electromagnetic brake Y1 (without hydraulic assistance)
   Traction motor speed sensor 1 B2
   Monitoring traction motor temperature 1B6
   Battery locking sensor 1S1 9
   Controlling the LAC cooling fan 9M1
   Speed restriction n°1 and n°2 (options)
   Electrical steering (L.E.S. 40
   Electric steering controller L.E.S./3A1
   Replacing the L.E.S. box (3A1)
   Setting steering control module parameters (3A1 )
   LES Controller power up
   Speed reduction when turning (with LAC n°390 360 85 1 9)
   Multifunction display (Bauser)
   4-button multifunction indicator (version CAN BUS)
   Programming the multifunction indicator
   Changing the multifunction display
   Replacing the key (S1) with a DIGICODE
   Lighting (option)
   Lighting (option)

10. Diagrams
   Electric diagrams
   Power schematic
   Control circuit diagram
   Optional equipment (warning flashing lights, front and rear lighting)
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