A modern Flamenco guitar album featuring the Electric Guitar as the main instrument, played with traditional Flamenco technique peppered with tasty shredding.

1 - Bulerias Nocturnus
2 - Dusk at 7
3 - Stratocaster Buleria
4 - Almoraima (Electric)
5 - Electric Zambra
6 - Flamenco Shred
7 - Electric Solea
8 - Recuerdos De La Alhambra

Ben Woods is best known for shaking up the Flamenco guitar world with his unique, bold fusions and arrangements of Rock and Metal mixed with Flamenco, and for his aggressive playing coupled with his extensive knowledge of the form.

Although this album is highly experimental (using the Fender Telecaster as the main voice instead of the acoustic Spanish guitar), it retains the technique and authenticity required to use the word 'Flamenco' and is filled with highly informed and evolved songwriting typical of the genre.

He gives a nod to the supreme maestro Paco de Lucia on his timeless track 'Almoraima' but done this time with 2 electric guitars and cajon. Also giving another nod to the great composer Francisco Tárrega by playing his classical masterpiece 'Recuerdos de la Alhambra' on an electric.

Ben shows his true ability for composition and playing outside the strict Flamenco box with his track 'Dusk at 7'. Although the album features mostly clean electric guitars, it is peppered with occasional gems of overdrive and shredding.

This album contains traditional Flamenco instruments such as palmas, cajon and some acoustic guitar, and also features on select tracks bass, drums, cümbüş and shakers, all instruments played by Ben himself. This will be album #6 under the artist name Ben Woods, but actually it's album #19 for Ben (others artistic names include Benjamin, Benjamin Woods, Flametal, Heavy Mellow). Cover photo by Arleen Hurtado
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