Eeny's Horde Vanilla+BC Grind

Eeny's Horde Vanilla+BC Grind

The most tested and stable WRobot Grind profile for Horde on private servers.

The Zip includes 1-60 Vanilla and 1-70 TBC Horde grinding packs. Built on Elysium Vanilla and Warmane TBC. Also includes recommended WRobot plug-ins for leveling

Leveling paths


1-6 Valley of trials

6-12 Durotar.

12-26 Barrens,

26-31 Ashenvale.

31-41 Desolace.

41- 46 Feralas

46-51 Tanaris.

51-55 Un goro

55-60 Silithus

The Burning Crusade

58-61 Hellfire peninsular

61-64 Zangarmarsh

64-67 Terrokar

67-70 Nagrand

The profiles favour quiet grind spots with mainly beasts being the target. A Second grind path is in the works that will favour humanoids. Will be added to the pack later for free.
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