Valentine's Day TP Pack

Remember how well the Christmas TP pack did...and PREPARE YOURSELVES!  A good line for your sales post "I can guarantee that the one you love isn't expecting TP for Valentine's Day!! Give this funny, memorable gift, before giving anything else! It's sure to bring lots of laughs!"  This great design pack comes with EIGHT designs...and they all come to you in DXF, JPG, PNG, and SVG formats and each file contains a FREE Studio 3 file in each purchase.  Also included in each purchase is an UNWATERMARKED photo that you can use for presales.  PLEASE remember that this photo MUST be watermarked with YOUR watermark before use.  I do not expect photo credit, but I do insist that my work be protected as well as yours.  This is a HUGE money maker.  SRT - $5 each roll.  IF YOU PURCHASED THE OLD PACKAGE OF 5...AND WANT THE THREE NEW DESIGNS....PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS NEW PACKAGE!! PLEASE PM ME THROUGH FB.  YOU CAN UPGRADE FOR ONLY $4 without having to buy the whole package all over again!!!  <3 
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