Epic Trance Scaler VST

Yes you want this. Epic Trance presets for Scaler vst is your gateway into making music quickly.

The package includes 68 presets for Scaler all focused on electronic music. Trance, Progressive House, Swedish House - whatever you like.  

With Scaler's transpose and inversion settings, these chord sets will help you create fast. No need to paint in midi notes, or try to figure out where to place your fingers on the keyboard in the hope its going to sound good. Its just instant gratification!

This is also a great tool for live performance or can teach you how to play these chords on the keyboard. Even if you already know how to play well, using this product is so much fun. Focus on what you love doing - making music.

4 Steps to Making Epic Trance!

1. You must own the Scaler vst plugin. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/3-Studio-Tools/72-Utility/3933-Scaler

2. Purchase the Epic Trance presets for Scaler from XTREME SOUNDS. (Supports Windows XP through 10 only and must use a VST2 compatible 32-bit/64-bit host.)

3. Install the Epic Trance presets into Scaler (See Read Me file)

4. Load up your favorite vst or hardware synth in your DAW (preferably something that sounds like an orchestra) and make sure to follow Scaler's setup instruction on how to output its midi to your vst soft synth.

You can pay with credit card or your paypal account. Your statement will show a charge from CDUPONT. Once payment is received, you will be able to download these files. In the event you did not receive them, please contact me and allow up to 24 hours to received your files download.

If you have trouble with the store checkout or live in EU please contact me. Thanks