BUS 230 Week 4 Discussion 1, 2 and Quiz

BUS 230 Week 4 Discussion 1, 2 and Quiz

Course outcome in focus:
·         Explain make or buy, insourcing, and outsourcing decisions.
·         Identify various methods of identifying supply need and specification.
·         Explain the dichotomy of profit leverage and expense effects of purchasing and supply management in an organization.

·         Read Chapter 5: Make or Buy, Insourcing, and Outsourcing
·         Read Chapter 6: Need Identification and Specification
·         Case Study: Carson Manor (6-3)

Supporting Topics:
Lecture 1 Topics:
·         Reasons for make or buy
·         Subcontracting
·         Outsourcing supply and logistics
·         Supply’s role in insourcing and outsourcing
Lecture 2 Topics:
·                     Need criteria
·                     Categories of needs
·                     Repetitive or non-repetitive requirements
·         Translate needs to commercial equivalents
·                     Early supply and supplier involvement
·                     Standardization and simplification.

Lecture on: reasons for make or buy, subcontracting, outsourcing supply and logistics, and supply’s role in insourcing and outsourcing.

Discussion 1: Make or Buy and Sourcing. Students will respond to the following:

o   Imagine that the hamburger giant McDonald’s desires to reduce the cost of hamburger or potato supplies. Explain pros and cons of each consideration: make or buy, subcontracting and outsourcing.
o   Reason how each consideration would alter the overall structure of the organization.
o   State one (1) recommendation based on the above pros and cons of each consideration, and discuss the overall impact of your recommendation to the structure of the organization.

Lecture on need criteria, categories of needs, repetitive or non-repetitive requirements, translate needs to commercial equivalents, early supply and supplier involvement, and standardization and simplification.

Discussion 2: Needs Analysis – Case 6-3 Carson Manor. Students will respond to the following:

o   Suggest what and how Ms. Elaine Taylor can do to increase her and her staff’s knowledge in procuring management consulting services.
o   Contrast and compare the three (3) proposals reviewed, summarized, and shown by Ms. Elaine Taylor in the case.
o   Explain which one (1) of the three (3) management consulting services you would suggest Ms. Elaine Taylor to recommend to the City Administrator.

·                                                                                   Week 4 Quiz
Students are to take the Week 4 quiz that covers the materials in Chapter 4.  The quiz is located in the course shell under the Week 4 tab. This is an open book, timed quiz that can only be taken once with a time limit of one hour.  The quiz consists of ten multiple-choice questions with each question worth 6 points of a total of 60 points for this quiz.

Online students are to complete the quiz by Monday 9:00 a.m.  On-ground students are to complete this quiz before the Week 4 class meeting.
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