Brass band: The Wise Maid (Irish reel) arrangement.

A brass band arrangement for the traditional Irish reel "The Wise Maid". Pdf contains full score and all parts. This is a fun arrangement of a traditional yet challenging Irish reel that gives all sections of the band a chance to shine. The principal cornet and woodblock begin the reel, gently joined by the tutti cornets, band accompaniment and percussion. The cornets are rewarded with a break, as the melody in the second verse is taken by the Euphonium and Baritone sections, who are then joined by the flugel and horns. Then the baton goes to the xylophone who brings along more percussion friends into the reel. Who’s left? Just the basses, trombones and soprano! Can they help each other out to deliver the penultimate verse? If so, the whole band can bring the reel together to a spectacular close!
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