Fire and Ice KOTH Pack

These are non-exclusive builds. If you purchase this file, you are agreeing to the terms of use. This is a pack of two 75x75 KOTH maps; a fire-themed map and an ice-themed one. These builds are intended for KOTH, however, they could be modified to suit other purposes. By purchasing this build, you will recieve a file folder. Within this folder are two schematics, which you can use on a server or singleplayer world with World Edit. For extra assistance, feel free to Dm me on McMarket here . (View full Imgur albums, which include proof of ownership here and here )

Terms of use-
- You may not take credit for these builds as your own (All credit goes to me, Ichar)
- You may not resell these builds as your own
- You may modify these builds, but you may not redistribute modified versions, or any portions of these builds as your own
- You agree to the terms of use by purchasing this file
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