Classic Sans Rounded

»Classic Sans Rounded« is the brother of the mother of all »Sans« typefaces.
I the rounded version because there seems to be a need for soft SANS typefaces and I like them very much myself. The font has small-caps, all kinds of numbers as well as ligatures and currency symbols, I also added the necessary diacritics in order to make the typeface usable for most latin-writing languages.
Classic Sans Rounded 12-Pack contains the following cuts: XLight and XLight-Italic, Light and Light-Italic, Medium and Medium-Italic, Roman and Roman-Italic, Bold and Bold-Italic as well as Black and Black-Italic. This packet is most useful for all kinds of jobs and will never let you down in terms of elegance and usability. Get it with the low »12-Pack« introductory offer. Enjoy this original font!
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