The Sweep Picking Compendium - Volume 4 - 6-String Patterns - PDF eBook and 50 Guitar Pro Tabs

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The Sweep Picking Compendium Volume 4 is the 4th in a 4 volume set of eBooks/Tab Collections focusing exclusively on sweep arpeggios. Volume 4 focuses exclusively on 6-string patterns and contains 50 guitar tabs that, with the included extended and alternate versions, make a total of 97 patterns. Also included are two sweep progressions taken as excerpts from the songs "Haunted" and "Eclipse."

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♪ The Sweep Picking Compendium Vol. 4 eBook in PDF format
♪ 50 Individual Guitar Pro Tabs (covering all 97 patterns found in the eBook)
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6-String Patterns:

Volume 4 completes the series with 6-string patterns - the longest, most interesting and most complex pattern type available for 6-string guitar.  Volume 4 contains the most difficult and technical patterns found in all 4 volumes of The Sweep Picking Compendium.  Players who are relatively new to sweep picking and sweep arpeggios are encouraged to start with volume 1 and work their way through the series before trying to tackle volume 4. 

Arpeggio Types:

Patterns covered in The Sweep Picking Compendium Volume 4 include arpeggios based off of standard Major, minor, diminished and augmented triads, as well as arpeggios for 7th, Maj7, 9th, 6th, b6th, dim7, half-diminished, Aug7, 6add9, sus2 and sus4 chords.

About The Sweep Picking Compendium:

All of the included patterns are moveable and begin with the C root note to make comparisons of patterns more natural as well as to eliminate redunancy. Each pattern was carefully selected and designed for efficiency, ease of use, relevance and applicability. Each pattern includes the interval names and notation above the tab in order to give a clearer picture of how the arpeggios work - which will help with memorization and also give the player the tools to build their own patterns more easily in the future. Volume 4 includes fret hand fingering for every pattern. The Sweep Picking Compendium focuses exclusively on the tabs themselves while being ordered in such a way to help the player understand the arpeggio structure, draw the appropriate parallels and notice the important differences between each pattern.

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