Edible Gift Bow Tutorial

Edible Gift Bow Tutorial



Recipes Required:
1) Edible Firm Cellophane (available for purchase at HowToCAKEThat.com).
2) Magic Gummy Vinyl (available for purchase at HowToCAKEThat.com)

Note: Both of the recipes above require a special art gelatin which can be purchased from GelatinArtMarket.com. Be sure you are able to recieve shipments from Gelatin Art Market before making your purchase.

Tools Required: 
1) Airbrush Machine
2) Chefs Torch
3) Offset Angled Spatula
4) Scissors and Xacto knife with a fresh blade
5) Cutting board
6) New paintbrush
7) Hairdryer (optional)

Also needed:
1) Edible airbrush colors

In this purchase you will receive a PDF download which will include a link to see the Edible Gift Bow tutorial. After purchasing you may find the PDF download in the "Downloads" file on your computer. 

This tutorial is rated at Intermediate Skill Level and does require some basic airbrushing skills, using a chef's torch to get rid of bubbles on the Edible Cellophane, measuring inches with a ruler, and cutting straight lines with a craft knife (Xacto), etc.

The Edible Gift Bow takes a lot of patience and quite a bit of time to complete. If you are short on time, the cutting and assembly technique could be used on wafer paper! Just dab a tiny bit of water to use as the glue in place of the Magic Gummy Vinyl. 

WARNING: Though the gift bow is edible, it does not dissolve quickly in one's mouth and therefore poses a CHOKING HAZARD especially for young kids! Please remove the Edible Gift Bow from cakes or other edibles before serving to guests.

VERY IMPORTANT: This tutorial is the property of HowToCAKEThat.com and may not be reproduced, edited, shared, retaught, or distributed in any manner! This tutorial is intended for personal use only and may not be shared or retaught in part or in whole. This recipe may be used to produce decorations to use for cakes or decorations you are selling to customers, but the recipe itself is not allowed to be shared, sold or retaught.

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