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BlogrCart MUKABUKU ELITE version 2.0 FREEMIUM have been released! Quicker Blogger store page display, easier setups, NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED. Theme version & feature details can be viewed here at

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Beginning July 3rd, 2017 have disabled Free downloads for all users.

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ABOUT Blogrcart Mukabuku Elite [Freemium]

A professional responsive e-commerce featured Blogger template, send order form included, Paypal & email notification checkout. Using Blogger built in functions, create a web store or blogshop made easy with no code edits features.

Heavily documented with personal cheat sheet provided in theme download, setting up your on-line web store which compliments various Facebook assets built on a Blogspot blog template. Now comes with hidden Like button when users click the button automatically will Like your page of choice (without them knowing)!


  • No monthly service fees.

  • No subscription required.

  • No code editing for installs.

  • Fully documented to customize to your own!


This theme is featured in more than 100+ blog reviews & blog directories. Full detail features here

  • Increased sales conversions & product exposure right from a Blogger blog, proven track record.

  • Responsive web framework, looks awesome in mobile, ipad, laptops & pc screens.

  • Shopping cart ready.

  • Cart summary ready.

  • Order form ready with form validation.

  • Paypal & send order email notification ready.

Detail theme features can be viewed here: & here



Nice template... Btw i already try some of your template, really nice & looking forward blogrcart mukabuku.. by Rahmad Bah

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Version History:

* This version has some limitations.



  • License permissions

  • readme.txt file with initial instructions.

  • Blogger template codes.

  • Blogger Pages for instant sample pages upload.

  • Auto Post Template helper.

  • Tutorial pages & links.

NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEE & NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED. Download, install & run your own on-line shop! Click the GREEN button below to start your instant download - fast, secured & backed by the best peoples in this industry.
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