In a paper of 750-1,000 words, identify the sets of standards chosen and explain what..

In a paper of 750-1,000 words, identify the sets of standards chosen and explain what the standards govern or the broad category in which they fit (for example, patient identifiers, accreditation, etc.). Evaluate how the two sets of standards impact health care systems and informatics applications, and assess these standards in relation to functional health care operations.

To help you frame your arguments, consider implementation of electronic health records (EHR), regulations guiding the coding requirements, ethical reporting, or other broad topics related to application and operations. Discussion of these specific areas in your paper is not required, but it may assist in contextualizing your points.

1-National Council for Clinical Laboratory Standards

The NCCLS is a voluntary consensus SDO that enhances the value of medical testing within the health care community through the development and dissemination of standards, guidelines, and

best practices (NCCLS, 1998).

2- Clinical code standards

ICD 10 International Classification of Diseases

CPT-4 Current Procedural Code

NDC National Drug Code

DRG Diagnosis Related Group

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