Sugar Love; More Than A Contact

For Rosalinda Domínguez life has been a bitch, there is no sugar coating it. She has no siblings, lives with her grandparents, and has to support two young children. Her dreams of becoming a world famous designer seem to be happening though when she is invited to New York one day by her best friend Georgia. Not being one to let an opportunity of a lifetime pass her by, she anonymously submits her designs while she’s there only to be accepted into the Parsons School of Design. Unfortunately, her victory was short lived when she is shocked to find out that tuition is well over $38-thousand a term.

Then fate steps in when she catches the attention of Alphonse François; one of the biggest names of in fashion while at a Masquerade Ball. He has a proposition for her; become his Sugar Baby. Seeing no other option, she accepts, but what happens when she slowly begins to fall for Alphonse, and he doesn't recuperate her feelings? Or when she becomes pregnant, and he tells her to get rid of it? Will her dreams cost her more than just a few dates, or she lose her very soul?
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