New Atlantis Superconscious Mp3

5 Minute Audio Subliminal Mp3

Joy Of Living New Atlantis Superconscious In 432Hz  Audible/Inaudible subliminal professional Affirmation Script   Does Not contain Brain Wave Entrainment   Atlantis was destroyed by the gods because of its drive to expand its empire through conquest and world domination and with the use of crystals as power stations by over charging them a gravitational explosion was the result,  the final destruction was because of greed and lust magnified by the crystals.   Before the Fall, humanity had dominion over nature and was able to draw from Creation all of the benefits that source had placed in it Policymakers who know too little about science, and to push scientists who often fail to think seriously or deeply about the ethical and social implications of their work.   Technology will be central to the future of life by helping scientists policymakers and citizens deal more wisely and more creatively with the promise and perils of any nation’s future, moral stakes are high and the political divides are deep, therefore human extinction is not progress.   Currently a aldous huxley's version of the brave new world is set to begin for the one world order government so they think.   A new brave world, a world free of all limitations is also set to begin for the golden age which one are you opting for?   Not everyone is born with a happy disposition. But psychologists say that we can be trained to be happy. What is required is a small change in thinking. Happiness affirmations will help you change your thinking. That is why Abe Lincoln said "People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be." As the saying goes, “He is truly happy who makes others happy to bring joy to them You are seeding the world with new thought forms You alone are responsible for your thoughts, only you can change them.  

The mind is the king, and all its cellular subjects behave exactly according to the mood of their royal master....You You've been granted freewill to change your conditions which have been created by your thoughts so therefore you can change the tune from sad to gladness at anytime  

Weak minded souls allow adverse thoughts and wicked actions of others to affect them and through a lack of understanding it is very easy to blame source or God for ones own sorrows and disappointments, we were not granted that freewill.

Real happiness can stand the challenge of all outer experiences Affirm your joy. Don’t allow one dark season or even one dark moment to steal your joy. Take back your power from the joy-stealers in your life.   Here’s to a life filled with joy and abundance!

Affirmation Commands:

Happiness and I get along very well My day is filled with happy surprises It’s okay to be happy for no particular reason My reaction to life is one of pure joy In this moment I choose to experience joy I’m very happy to be involved in this thing called life I can share my joy with others Every new day starts with happiness Is full of joy and ends with contentment Being happy comes easy to me I perform my random acts of kindness regularly I experience even more deeply  The transformation of consciousness I have the power to make this a real reality I do this with feeling I can live with joy I feel the wonderful feeling Of freedom love and peace in my inner most being I follow my own own wisdom I listen to the wisdom of my heart I recognize and live my higher purpose I am ready and willing to change my life for the better Joy connects me to my source My appreciation of nature fills me with joy I now accept my joy comes from within My joyfulness is a natural state of mind My service to others brings me joy My joy empowers me to reach for new heights I give myself permission to embrace joy and happiness The simple things in life bring me limitless joy I greet each day with joy and gratitude I make decisions and choices that support and nurture me I enter into the joy of living Beginning with the early dawn I will radiate my cheer to everyone I meet today  I will be the mental sunshine for all who cross my path this day I am the spirit that lives in everything I am the voice in the cosmos in the wind and in the nature of all that is I am the voice within I listen to it in silence I unite with my higher self I reach my own mastery within my higher self Unconditional love wisdom and compassion I let go of external authority I lead my own path I am deeply in love with life Every day is wonderful I am happy and complete I have a feeling of inner playfulness and joy I have a complete sense of well being  Deep profound trust and being taken care of Everything in the internal space is of deep beauty I love who i truly am Increase in clarity of mind perception and intuition I ease and flow through life in Universal Harmony and Synchronicity I have a full sense of freedom I am empowered whole and free Continuous lightness of being Stability in the consciousness level attained I am beyond the control of others My internal state is not altered by external conditions I have automatic safety and protection I have inner contentment fulfillment and a sense of completion I have deep peacefulness and calm Revitalized rejuvenated increased well beingness My consciousness and body integrate and achieve balance and health Profound enlightened insights and wisdom come to me They emerge from deep stillness and consciousness itself Deeper realizations and expansions continue to come to me I am well prepared for any transition  I have the ability to transmit enlightened consciousness influences to others. I open paranormal and intuitive gifts.

I am free from the wheel of rebirth Freewill choices are still available to me. I have more energy and a feeling of being younger and more vital.  I naturally live from the heart space. I am my own guide