217 : Miss Barbie & Miss Melanie Renault 5 startup problems

Miss Melanie, wearing a black dress and pink high heels, and Miss Barbie, wearing a pink dress and white high heels, are going on a trip with the beloved Renault 5.

Miss Barbie is showing Miss Melanie the newest car of the Pedal Vamp fleet!

Miss Melanie will have the honour of trying to make this car started, and if she can make it, the trip will be a piece of cake!

But ... will she make it?

As usual, the little engine doesn't want to start up at all! Miss Melanie pumps the gas hard, trying to start the car.

Maybe giving it more gas should do the trick? She pumps harder and harder, but it seems that the car doesn't like Miss Melanie... She tries again and again but the car doesn't want to start at all.

While she struggles with the car, Miss Barbie tries to understand why it doesn't want to come back to life and how to make it...Maybe she can manage to start it up?

So the misses change positions and try again! She starts pumping while messing up with the air or with Miss Melanie, she can't be the problem!

Barbie always can start the car, so the issue is the air, or the fuel, or maybe that Miss Melanie is in the car! But it can't be her!

Then, while Miss Barbie turns the key, Miss Melanie push the pedal to the metal, maybe the starting procedure made by both girls can start the car!

Maybe barefeet can help? They are open to any solution, so they try that too!
But nothing seems to help....  Will the car start up?
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