HS 225 Week 2 Case Management Brochure

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 HS 225 Week 2 Case Management Brochure

Use an Internet search engine to search for content regarding case management.

Develop a list of key terms and processes related to case management.

Create a brochure using the Brochure Builder template.

Include the following:




What is case management?


Identify case management challenges.


What is an individual service plan?


List the categories of case management.


Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

NOTE: I occasionally hear that students experience trouble with the Brochure Builder. Please remember that the UOP has Tech Support available 24/7.  Also, I will accept the brochure using another program, such as Publisher, as long as the brochure meets all stated criteria.

I do understand that space is limited for this assignment. Therefore, in-text citations are not required as long as direct quotes are not used. However, students should include a full reference for sources used on one panel of the brochure.
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